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22 Team Building Activities Your Coworkers and Staff Won’t Hate

team building activities

Last updated on May 16th, 2024 at 01:02 pm

Team building activities are essential for fostering collaboration, creativity, and communication in the workplace. But it can be hard to find activities that all of your coworkers won’t hate. We’ve come up with a list of team-building activities that are sure to make your coworkers grateful for the chance to participate! From murder mysteries to virtual escape rooms, we’ve got large groups and small teams covered.

Try out corporate castaways or Viking Wink Murder and watch your coworkers shout out with excitement. Plus, GG Drop, Spider Web Stress Balls, and Marshmallow Spaghetti Towers are sure to keep your work environment full of fun and laughter. And don’t forget about memory walls, masterpiece murals, and portrait galleries to help everyone get to know each other better and create a happier workplace. For top tips on throwing the best team-building event ever, check out our article on Team-Building Activities Your Coworkers Won’t Hate (We Promise)!

Why Team Building Activities Are Important

Continuing on from the previous section, there are a myriad of activities that businesses of all sizes can take part in to promote team-building. From murder mystery events to corporate castaways, Lego challenges, and icebreaker games, businesses can find a wide range of activities to help build strong team dynamics. Blind directions, Moji boards, and zombie escape battles are also great options for team-building activities.

In addition to traditional team-building activities, many companies are now turning to virtual team-building activities. With the rise of remote work, virtual team-building activities offer the same benefits as in-person gatherings. Team-made puzzles, virtual debate clubs, virtual movie nights, online custom puzzles, and video hangouts are just some of the activities that can help teams bond and work together more effectively. Virtual escape rooms and online multiplayer games such as conference call trivia, GG Drop, and large groups make for fun and engaging team-building activities.

For businesses looking to incorporate team-building activities into their everyday routine, random acts, after-work running clubs, and shout-outs are all great options.

Team Building Activities to Do During a Meeting

Hosting team-building activities during meetings can be beneficial for creating an engaged and motivated workforce. Corporate Castaways and Lego Challenges are great icebreakers for larger groups, while Virtual Debate Clubs and Virtual Movie Nights are perfect for virtual settings. Smaller groups can benefit from online custom puzzles, video hangouts, or a virtual escape room. GG Drop and online multiplayer games are fun ways to keep a conference call alive.

team building activities

1. Solve a Puzzle

Team-building activities are an invaluable tool for bringing colleagues together and creating a cohesive and productive work environment. One of the most popular activities to do during a meeting is to solve a puzzle. Solving a puzzle allows for a shared goal and allows team members to use their unique skills and strengths to work towards a common goal.

For smaller teams, Lego challenges can be a fun and engaging way to work together and build something unique as a team. For larger groups, TeamMade Puzzles can provide an opportunity to work together and build a complex puzzle. For virtual meetings, there are a variety of ways to solve puzzles remotely, such as virtual debate clubs, virtual movie nights, or virtual escape rooms.

Team-building activities that involve puzzles can also incorporate Conference Call Trivia or GG Drop. With Conference Call Trivia, team members can split into small groups and answer trivia questions. With GG Drop, teams must solve a series of puzzles in a specific amount of time.

Solving puzzles as part of team-building activities can be a fun and rewarding experience, and it can help bring team members closer together. It can also help develop problem-solving skills and foster creativity.

2. Count to 20

Transitioning from the previous section, which went over the reasons why team-building activities are important, this section will discuss a practical way to implement them during a meeting: Count to 20. Counting to 20 is a great way to get your team organised and energised with very minimal effort.

This team-building activity is quite simple and can be done with any size group, from corporate castaways to large groups. It also works well in both virtual debate clubs and in-person settings. All you need to do is get everyone in a circle and then have each person count, one by one, up to 20. You can even add extra rules, like counting only in multiples of three or clapping after each number.

This game is a wonderful way to get people engaged and help build trust and unity. It also has a competitive element, as everyone can have fun trying to beat each other’s time. If you want to make Count to 20 even more exciting, you can add in a gg drop challenge. Whoever makes the biggest GG drop after the last person has counted to 20 wins!

3. Try a Compliment Circle

Transitioning from why team-building activities are important to the types of activities to do during a meeting, one great option is a compliment circle. This activity can be done in large groups or smaller teams and is a great way to boost morale and foster an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

The activity is simple; participants are split into groups and take turns going around the circle to give shout-outs to their teammates. Everyone should have a chance to receive compliments, as well as give them to others. This can be a great way to get to know each other better and to appreciate the unique talents and contributions that each individual brings to the team.

In addition to being a great way to build relationships, a compliment circle can also be used as a gratitude exercise. This activity can be used to encourage team members to reflect on the positive aspects of their team and to appreciate the strengths and contributions of each individual.

The Compliment Circle can also be used to give feedback in a constructive, positive way. This activity can be used to provide constructive criticism in a safe, supportive environment. This feedback can be used to promote growth and understanding within the team and to encourage team members to work together to reach their goals.

4. Host a Brainstorming Session

It’s clear that team building activities are important, so what are some activities to do during a meeting? One great activity is hosting a brainstorming session. Brainstorming is an effective way to encourage collaboration among team members and can be done virtually or in person.

Virtual escape room activities are a great way to engage employees in a fun and interactive way and promote problem-solving skills. Teams can race against the clock to complete a set of puzzles in order to “escape” the room. GG Drop is an excellent virtual game for large groups and can be used to nurture team spirit and collaboration.

Random Acts of appreciation, such as shout-outs or gratitude exercises, can be done at any time during the meeting to boost morale and make employees feel appreciated. Portrait Gallery is another fun activity where each participant presents a personal presentation about themselves. The presentation could include their background, hobbies, and aspirations.

A memory wall is a great way to encourage employees to share stories about their team. They can also collaborate on creating a cover story for the wall, such as a campfire memory wall or a masterpiece mural.

5. Have a “Show and tell.”

Team-building activities are essential for instilling a sense of unity and trust among coworkers, which leads to greater collaboration and increased efficiency. But with the shift to remote work, finding ways to replicate those activities and foster connection in a virtual setting is becoming increasingly important. One such team-building activity that can be done virtually is “Show and Tell.”

Show and Tell is a classic activity often done in grade school to help children practice public speaking and speaking about their interests. It can also bring out the creativity and personality of employees, allowing them to share something unique about themselves with their peers.

To start, every employee should be given a few minutes to present something they have brought. This could be a picture of their family, a pencil precision painting they made, a world tour presentation about their vacation last year, a memory wall of their fondest memories, a masterpiece mural of their favourite art, or a campfire memory wall of their favourite campfire stories. After each presentation, the other team members can ask questions and share their own stories or experiences.

Another great way to get employees to connect with each other is to have them create a portrait gallery of their colleagues.

Team-Building Activities to Do During the Workday

Team building activities can help create meaningful connections and foster productivity in the workplace. From virtual escape rooms to gg drops, there are plenty of activities to engage large groups of people. Providing random acts of kindness, starting an after-work running club, or giving shout-outs to colleagues are all great ways to create a positive work environment.

team building activities

6. Share Your Personality

When transitioning from meeting activities to activities during the workday, another great way to build team morale and foster relationships is to have teammates share their personalities. Showcasing each other’s unique qualities helps create a better understanding of each other and makes the team feel more connected. Some fun activities to do this include hosting a virtual escape room, playing GG Drop, and creating a portrait gallery.

For larger groups, activities like organising a field day with soccer tournaments or random acts of kindness like an after-work running club can be a great way to share personalities and team spirit. You can also create a memory wall or masterpiece murals, go on a world tour presentation, or explore different workshop planning techniques. Meeting facilitation, taking free courses to learn a new skill, or doing a rope course can also be great ways to get to know each other. A check-in/check-out history map can also be a fun way to get to know colleagues better.

7. Play Team or Board Games

Team-building activities don’t have to be limited to meetings. During the workday, there are plenty of opportunities to get your team members engaged and strengthen their relationships. 7. Play team or board games. If the team is working remotely or in a large group, virtual escape rooms or online versions of popular board games are a great way to get everyone involved. For smaller teams, a portrait gallery, memory wall, or cover story game can be a great way to get everyone connecting with each other. For even more ways to have fun, try world tour presentations, workshop planning, meeting facilitation, and teaching a new skill. If you’re looking for something more active, ropes courses, check-in/check-out history maps, field days, and soccer tournaments are all great options for teams to bond. No matter what team-building activities you choose, your team will be better for it.

8. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Moving beyond traditional team-building activities during a meeting, there are plenty of ways to foster team unity and collaboration throughout the workday. Creating a scavenger hunt is an amusing and creative way to get team members out of their seats and interact with one another in the office. A scavenger hunt can be organized in a variety of ways to suit the specific needs of a team.

For large groups, a virtual escape room is a great way to get everyone involved. Participants can be split into teams and given clues to find a series of objects hidden around the office. This is a great exercise for boosting problem-solving skills and communication while also having fun.

Smaller groups can really get creative with their scavenger hunts. Taking inspiration from a portrait gallery, teams can be asked to create their own version of a memory wall. Alternatively, the group could be asked to create a cover story, or smaller teams could be asked to create a campfire memory wall or make a world tour presentation.

Using a scavenger hunt for team building activities can be incorporated into meeting facilitation.

9. Untangle a “Human Knot”

With the goal of building team spirit, it’s important to find activities that both engage everyone in the group and provide a sense of accomplishment. One of the most classic group activities is Untangle a “Human Knot”. This is a great activity for large groups, as it encourages random acts of collaboration and can be done virtually or in person.

The rules are simple: have everyone stand in a circle and reach out with both hands to grab someone else’s hands. Once everyone is intertwined, the group has to work together to untangle themselves without letting go of anyone’s hands. This virtual escape room is sure to have everyone laughing and is a great way to break the ice.

To make the game more challenging, assign cover story elements that encourage collaboration. For example, have each group member represent a character and create a campfire memory wall or world tour presentation. This helps give the activity a goal and encourages the group to work together.

Alternatively, use meeting facilitation to guide the group to their goal. This can be done virtually as well, so new skills can be acquired. As the group learns to work together, assign check-in and checkout history map tasks to increase the difficulty.

10. Give Out Blind Directions

Now, let’s move away from the break room and out into the office. If you have a large group of colleagues who need to get to know each other better, you may want to try an activity like giving out blind directions. You can set up a cover story, like a field day of sorts, to ensure that everyone is on board and engaged with the task.

This activity involves dividing your group into two teams, then having one team act as the “directors” while the other team pretends to be a group of blindfolded individuals. The directors must give verbal instructions to the blindfolded team to get them from one point to the next. The directions are only given verbally, so it will be up to the directors to make sure everyone is on the right track. The blindfolded team must rely on their teammates to get them from one point to the next without running into any obstacles or getting lost.

This is a great way to get your group to work together and practise their communication skills. It also helps to create a sense of trust and understanding between the two teams.

11. Do a Silent Line-Up

If you’re looking for an easy, fun, and challenging team-building activity to do during the workday, then a silent line-up is the perfect choice. It’s a great way to bond with coworkers and promote collaboration, all while encouraging everyone to think outside the box.

The activity involves having all the participants line up in order according to certain criteria, such as height, age, or birthdate. However, the catch is that they must do this in complete silence. This means that they will have to communicate with one another non-verbally and come up with creative solutions in order to achieve the task.

The best part? It’s suitable for large groups of all sizes, making it an ideal activity for any workplace. It encourages creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills, all while having fun.

To make the activity more challenging, you can ask participants to line up in multiple categories, such as height, age, and birthdate, all at once. This will test their ability to think on their feet and problem-solve quickly.

You can also make the activity more of a field day and have participants compete against one another in a race to see who can finish the task first.

12. Host a Lunch and Learn

One of the best ways to foster a sense of team spirit and collaboration among colleagues is to host a lunch and learn. This type of activity offers employees the opportunity to learn a new skill, discuss ideas, and build relationships with their co-workers. It is also a great way to get people out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves.

A lunch and learn can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. You can choose a topic that resonates with everyone, such as a workshop on productivity or a free course on communication. It can also be tailored to the interests of the team; for example, you can have a session on a new skill, such as coding or figure drawing, or an exercise in problem-solving.

The possibilities are endless, but the general idea is to provide an engaging experience that encourages employees to work together. You can also use the lunch and learn as an opportunity to recognise individual accomplishments and celebrate successes.

For larger groups, you can also turn the lunch and learning into a field day. This could involve team-building activities such as scavenger hunts, ropes courses, and even a soccer tournament. Whatever the activity, the focus should be on having fun while encouraging collaboration among team members.

13. Have a Hack Day

After a team-building activity that focuses on getting to know each other, it’s time to switch gears and tackle something a bit more challenging: Have a Hack Day. Hack days are a great way to bring the team together and get everyone excited about a project. By giving the team an opportunity to work together on a project, you can help foster collaboration and creativity.

The goal of a hack day is to come up with a creative solution to a problem. This could be a technical problem, a business problem, or anything else that your team might find challenging. By giving your team a problem to solve, you can help encourage innovation and collaboration.

To make the most of a hack day, it’s important to set clear goals and objectives. It’s also important to give your team enough time to brainstorm and come up with a solution. You may also want to break the team into smaller groups and assign each group a specific task. This will help ensure that everyone is working together and contributing to the project.

Finally, make sure to reward the team for their hard work. Whether it’s a gift card or some other kind of recognition, the team should be rewarded for their effort and creativity.

14. Put on a Contest

Putting on a contest is a great way to get your team to engage in friendly competition and have some fun. Contests can take on a variety of forms, including virtual, outdoor, or even in-office events.Large groups can get involved, and everyone can take part in the fun.

If you’re looking for an outdoor team-building activity, field day events can be a great way to bring the whole team together. You can have relay races, sack races, Frisbee throwing, and other simple games that everyone can participate in. You can even win a prize for the winning team.

You can also put on a virtual contest. For example, you can have a cooking or baking contest or even a design challenge. You can have your team members submit their entries and then have a panel of judges decide on the winner. The winner can get a prize, such as a gift card or a special reward from the company.

Contests are a great way to bring everyone together, build camaraderie, and have some fun. With a bit of creativity, you can come up with a contest that everyone will enjoy. Put on a contest and watch your team come together in a spirit of friendly competition.

Team Building Activities to Do Outside the Office

For larger groups of people, team-building activities outside of the office can be a great way to build relationships and foster collaboration. A curated field day of activities such as an escape-the-room challenge, a cooking class, an improv class, trivia, volunteering, starting a book club, tackling a ropes course, and forming an intramural league can be engaging and memorable. Learning a new skill, having a unique experience, or even just revisiting a childhood game together can be a great way to bring colleagues closer and create conversations that can carry over into the workplace.

team building activities

15. Complete an Escape-the-Room Challenge

Ready to take your team to the next level? Look no further than an escape-the-room challenge! A great way to get everyone out of the office and into a stimulating environment, an escape-the-room challenge is the perfect way to encourage collaboration and problem-solving among your team.

Your team will be locked in a room filled with various puzzles and clues. The only way to escape is to work together to figure out the myriad of puzzles. Your team will need to use logic and communication to find a way out. This activity encourages your team to think outside the box and work together to solve problems and achieve a common goal.

In addition to the puzzle-solving aspect, an escape-the-room challenge also allows your team to build relationships and trust. Your team will need to rely on each other to succeed, so they will need to learn to work together and rely on one another’s strengths. This activity also helps create a sense of camaraderie since your team will need to rely on each other and have each other’s backs.

The pressure of needing to find a way out of a “locked room” also creates an exciting and thrilling atmosphere, which helps to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

16. Take a Cooking Class

Moving away from the office environment, there are many great team-building activities to be done outside. One of these is to take a cooking class.

Cooking classes can be a great way to build camaraderie, especially for large groups. Not only will you be able to learn a new skill and bond over the shared experience, but you will also get to enjoy the delicious food you prepare together. Plus, you can even take the recipes you learned back to your workplace and share them with your colleagues.

You can find cooking classes in a variety of formats, from taking a cooking class at a local restaurant to hosting a hands-on virtual cooking class with your team. During the class, you can learn how to make a variety of dishes, from appetisers to desserts. You can even learn how to make a specific type of cuisine, such as Italian, Mexican, or Chinese.

Not only will you learn how to cook delicious dishes, but you will also be able to practise communication skills and teamwork. As you work together to prepare the food, you will have to communicate and collaborate to ensure everything is cooked correctly. You’ll also have to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions to any problems that may arise.

17. Take an Improv Class

If you and your team are looking for a fun and unique way to bond, why not try taking an improv class? Improvisational theatre, or improv, is an unscripted form of comedy and theatre that encourages quick thinking, collaboration, and creative problem solving. Improvisation classes are a great way to foster teamwork and get to know one another on a deeper level, and they offer an opportunity to laugh together while learning new skills.

In improv, each person takes turns building on the ideas of the others, encouraging creative thinking and collaboration. It’s a great way to practise listening and responding and to develop trust and openness within the team. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to laugh and act silly with their colleagues?

When looking for an improv class, consider classes tailored specifically for businesses. These classes are designed to help with team dynamics, communication, and problem-solving within the workplace. They can also help with public speaking, creativity, and breaking down any barriers between team members.

To get the most out of an improv class, it’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable and engaged. Keep the class size small, and make sure everyone is involved.

18. Sign up for Trivia

Moving away from the office environment, there are many more activities that can bring teams together. For instance, signing up for trivia can be an excellent way to have a little friendly competition between team members while also allowing for some lighthearted banter. Trivia night is a perfect way to test your knowledge and see who can come out on top. Large groups can be split up into teams, with the winners getting a prize or recognition. Trivia night can also be a great way to learn new facts and show off your knowledge in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Trivia night is not just about answering questions. It also encourages teams to work together to come up with the best possible answer. This is a great way to help team members learn to collaborate with one another and work together to solve problems. It can also be an excellent way for teams to get to know each other and build relationships.

Trivia night is also a great way to break up the monotony of the workday and add a bit of fun and excitement. It can be a great way to have a team-building activity without having to leave the office. Trivia night can be done remotely or in a physical location, depending on the size of your team.

19. Volunteer

Taking team-building activities outside the office can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. It allows for team members to bond in a new and different environment, and it can be a great way to give back to the community. Volunteering is a great way to develop relationships with one another while making a positive impact.

Volunteering as a team can be incredibly beneficial to everyone involved. It gives team members the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and work together to complete a project. It also allows team members to get to know one another on a different level. Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen, wrapping presents for a toy drive, or picking up litter at a local park, there are plenty of ways to give back as a group.

Not only does volunteering lead to strong relationships, but it also makes team members feel good about themselves and their work. Volunteering is a great way to show team members that their contributions can make a difference. It can also provide a sense of purpose and show that everyone’s effort is appreciated.

It’s important to find an activity that the whole team can enjoy.

20. Start a Book Club

Taking team-building activities outside the office can be a great way to get your team-mates to bond, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to start a book club. A book club is an excellent opportunity for your team to come together, discuss their thoughts on a book, and learn from each other. Not only can it be a great way for your team to learn new things, but it can also be a great way to get to know each other better and develop relationships.

ItalicizeBy choosing a book that everyone can relate to and discussing it in a structured and organised way, your team members will be able to bond over shared experiences and learn from each other’s perspectives. Furthermore, reading a book can be a great way to broaden each team member’s understanding of the world, and it can be a great way to foster creativity and open-mindedness.

Organising a book club can be easy and low-cost. It’s important to choose a book that everyone can relate to and that will spark conversations. Once the book has been selected, it’s important to come up with ground rules such as the amount of time each person should spend reading, how much time should be spent discussing each chapter, and when the meetings should take place.

21. Tackle a Ropes Course

For a more adventurous team-building activity, why not tackle a ropes course? This type of activity usually consists of a series of challenging physical obstacles that require teams to work together to reach the end. It is a great way to encourage employees to collaborate, cooperate, and think outside the box to solve problems. Not only will your team build a strong bond, but it will also help boost morale and improve communication skills.

Ropes courses are designed to push people’s boundaries and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. They have different levels of difficulty, so teams can choose the one that best suits their needs. There are usually a variety of activities, such as rope bridges, zip lines, and rope swings, that can help bring out the best in each team member.

The best part about a ropes course is that it can be tailored to each team’s individual needs. It is a great way to foster teamwork and cooperation while also providing an opportunity for employees to get outside their comfort zone and discover hidden talents. Additionally, it’s a great way to build trust and break down barriers between co-workers.

For an even more challenging experience, team members can form groups and compete against each other.

22. Form an Intramural League

Forming an intramural league is a great way for teams to bond outside of the office and have some fun. As teams work together to create the league, they are able to strengthen their relationships and develop as a unit. The league could involve a variety of activities, from sports to board games. It’s important to remember that the goal is to have fun, so it’s best to keep the competition lighthearted.

When creating the league, teams should decide on the rules, the length of the season, and the type of activities that each team will take part in. It’s also important to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and be successful. Once the league is formed, teams can then take part in organised activities and have friendly competitions.

Each team should also communicate regularly with each other and keep track of their progress throughout the league. This will help teams stay on the same page and keep the friendly competition going. At the end of the season, teams can celebrate their successes together and build even stronger connections.

By forming an intramural league, teams not only have a chance to bond outside the office but also to have some fun together.


Team-building activities are essential for fostering team collaboration, improving communication, and building trust within any workplace. From virtual debate clubs to physical field days, there are countless ways to bring colleagues together. Whether your coworkers are looking to learn a new skill, break the ice, or just let loose, there’s sure to be a team-building activity to suit everyone’s needs.

So why not take the time to invest in your team’s morale and bring everyone together?

It’s time to give your coworkers an activity they’ll look forward to—one that won’t have them rolling their eyes. After all, employees who feel connected to the team and engaged in their work are more likely to be productive and successful.