Stay Lean. Grow Fast.

It's time to learn new business strategies. Level up your marketing game now.

I am Sam Amoo.

I help entrepreneurs grow and build their dreams.

Concepts, ideas, and insights are combined to make problem-solving easy. Because I trained as a physicist, a 9-to-5 career was never appealing to me. One lovely day, I made the decision to take control of my life and affect change in the world. I’ve never looked back on my publishing career since then. Everything I do is fueled by my love for entrepreneurship, wealth development, diversity, and advancement.

I discovered something along the process of creating my business. “All over the map” is a common phrase for business owners. They lack Focus. Before discussing how you plan to achieve your goals, you must first determine what they are and when you want to achieve them. Small-business owners who work with me have the opportunity to zero in on the aspects of their businesses where they can see the most progress.


My role is to help business owners implement their growth strategy both strategically and tactically, so that their teams and organization are on the same page.

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