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Entrepreneurs (aspiring and seasoned authors) who want to grow their digital businesses can benefit from my self-publishing coaching and mentoring programs, which provides business advice and strategic guidance.

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Keyword Research

Increase your book exposure, and get indexed for the right & most suitable keywords on Amazon and other platforms.


Non-Fiction Book Outline

Get your non-fiction book(s) outline research done for you professionally, including a well-written introduction.


Book Sales Optimization

Get your book(s) audited to see what you can do better to optimize for wider exposure and sales.


What Mentees Are Saying

"Mr. Sam Amoo has a great personality. Meeting you has expanded my orientation about business completely. Working with you was a huge blessing to me sir. Your words of advice, generosity and lots more, has been helpful to me. You’re a man of God, intellect, integrity and many more, most importantly, A GREAT MENTOR. I appreciate you, sir."

Ogunniyi Omowumi Florence

"My boss, Sam Amoo is definitely a wonderful person to work with, and has outstanding expertise in leadership and organization. He understands the principles of business and finance, and it is noteworthy that this is obvious in the way he runs the company. He is wise, smart, industrious, excellent and well-educated boss and I would always love to work again. "

Oluwaseun Abiodun Adekoya

"I wouldn’t be talking about my current source of livelihood (publishing) if I hadn’t met him in a church program in October, 2018. That was a turning point for me. Many would have chosen to keep such profitable business idea to themselves, but he selflessly chose to bring me in without expecting any reward."

Oyenekan Oluwafemi

" I can’t forget the impact of Mr. Sam Amoo on the journey of my publishing business, which started in December, 2017. Now I’m self employed, and have made a fortune in dollars so far in the journey of my publishing business, where he solely mentored me. He taught me the principle(s) that worked for him, which saved me the stress of trial and error. "

Amoo Olaleye Oluwaseyi


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