“It’s not enough to have a great product. You have to have a great product that solves a problem.”

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Do You Want to Learn the Marketing Principles of World Class Marketers and Translate Them Into Marketing Tactics That Will Get You Results You Can Be Proud Of?

You can master the art of sales and marketing, but you can only do it if you understand the psychology of persuasion, marketing, motivation, choice, advertising and branding. This book teaches you Everything you need to know to transform your business into a top-notch operation.

It reveals the everyday rules and power of the marketing tactics, routines, the million dollar habits of billionaires and world-class performers and marketers – how they get their messages across, who they are trying to attract, and why – The simple path to wealth building.

If you are resolute about growing your business, understanding these is critical. It is not enough to know what people want; you have to understand why they want it. You won’t just learn how to implement some of the tactics used by the top-ranked marketers of today, you’ll also understand what makes these marketers so effective, which is the code of the extraordinary mind…

About Me

Sam Amoo

An Author and Coach

Sam Amoo is a writer and publisher focused on business growth, habits, decision making, and continuous improvement. He is the author of Sell Like Titans.

He teaches business owners on how to grow and run business at the same time, without getting stuck between the two worlds of growing and running business. He helps entrepreneurs build their dreams, by combining concepts, ideas, and insights to make problem-solving easy.

He has trained over four hundred successful business owners, and mentored over a hundred entrepreneurs excelling in digital and online business.  Everything he does is fueled by his love for entrepreneurship, wealth development, diversity, and advancement.